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Cover Letter Sample


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Mr. John Smit

Personnel Manager



Dear Mr. Smit,


I am interested in the Sales Manager position for the “ABC” company that was advertised on the internet webpage


As the attached resume shows, I have a sufficient amount of experience and skills for the given position.


I have been working for the “BBB” company, as their Sales Department Manager, and we have worked with your company for a while now, and because of this, I have wanted to work for your company for a very long time. I have been able to observe the work your company does, and the impression I have been left with, is of a very successful company, with a good team of employees.


The amount of sales experience that I have is fairly substantial; I have worked for the above mentioned company “BBB” for the past 5 years, and before that I was for 6 years in sales trade. During the time that I worked for “BBB”, the company was one of Estonia’s market leaders, since our department implemented a profound analysis of the local market and presented it to the management, to help change the company’s marketing policies.


I believe that the range of business of “BBB” is fairly similar to “ABC”, which allows me to say, that I would be able to put my experiences and knowledge to good use at “ABC”.


If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them, at your own convenience.


Yours sincerely,

Eve Nicholson   



Mr. John Smit




Dear Mr. Smit,


The ”Postimees” newspaper advertised that your company “ABC” is searching for a suitable candidate to fill the position of Personnel Manager.


After reading the requirements for suitable candidates, I came to the conclusion, that my work experience as a Personnel Manager at “AAA” as well as my clear command of English and Estonian, would be valuable assets working as a Personnel Manager for your company.


At the moment, I work for the “BBB” as the Personnel Manager and I handle the hiring of personnel, as well as drafting and compiling all necessary documentation. As can be seen in the attached resume, I have substantial experience in all areas of personnel work.


I am interested in working for your company, “ABC”, because I understand it to be a rapidly developing company and I believe I could use my skills and experience to help determine most effective composition of personnel.


I am ready to answer all of your questions at any time and to co-ordinate a time for an interview.


Yours sincerely,

Rachel Shostak








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